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Brand: Sophie beauty home
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Application: Home / Hotel / Office and Gift Decoration
Diamond Type: Rubik’s Cube diamonds and 3D square diamonds
About the number of diamonds: There are more 30% diamonds, absolutely enough
Diamond diameter: 2.5mm
Diamond painting projects include:
Packaging boxes / bags, drill bits, tip bit, drilling mud, raw drill, calipers, embroidered cloth, valve bags and so on.
Powerful package:
Kraft paper bag bubble film or strong box, protect your products from damage during transport, ready to do your shopping

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Available sizes:
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Material: Cotton and Square Diamond
use: paint diamond diy; embroidered diamond paint;
items included:
1. Enough the resin diamonds.
2. A4 drawings HD Model (including drawings, color chart)
3. Used for rubber clip drill clips, plastic tray.
: We all paint diamantekits not include the outside of the frame border!

if the standard and size is not satisfy with you in our store.

please tell me what pattern and size you want,

we will custom-make it for you and give you a reasonable price.

Product Description

01. Open the package, check the kits if all the parts are complete or not.
02. Check the resin color diamonds and the corresponding color code, ensure that all code diamonds are code are complete.
03. open a small part of the tape, pay attention to keep dust out.
04.select a character (symbol), find the corresponding diamonds and place it inside the drill plate.
05.use the tool to pick up the corresponding diamond smoothly, then put it in the corresponding position of the pattern number
06.repeat previous steps until the whole frame is finished.
07.the gasket must be pressed and tidy, have no cracks. you can put a book on the front of the diamond drawing with your hands pressed on the book.
08.rolling up to the par of the product and facing forward, packed with our cylinder pack to protect it without risk
9. Shoot the photo to your local market frame, use your favorite frame by frame.
10.put the finished product into the room, and enjoy your work.
11. if you like our products, welcome to our store again, we have legal discounts for old friends.
Round Diamond Effect
Square diamond effect
Where we work
….about the Effect….
the bigger the size, the better the effect! each diamond size: 2.5×2.5mm. if the picture is complex, small size will not be very good! if you need large size of all images, please contact us!
…..about Us……
Our diamond paint are semi-finished, do not include frame. we will provide the diamond embroidery tools for your brand. and we’ll put more than 20% diamonds! although our products is not the cheapest, but the quality of our products is the best! when you are done, you can send pictures of your paintings to us, we will show you to buyers from all over the world appreciate!
attention! we are international seller from mainland China. PLEASE BE PATIENT! we usually offer standard international air mail. can do about 10 to 25 business days for delivery. if you have any question or any special request, please contact us. we will respond within 24 hours due to the time difference between us.
…. note ….
…. terms of sale ….

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Pattern Type:
Brand Name:
Diamond Shape:
Pasting Area:
Number of Colors:
Canvas Packing Method:
Rolled Up
External Packaging:
Diamond area:
Full of drilling embroidery
Product Name:
Diamond Painting Cross Stitch
Household Essentials/Decoration
Embalagem externa:
Color box or paper bag
DIY Diamond Painting Cross Stitch
Yes, it needs your handmade
Diamond Type:
Square and Round Diamond
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