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Diy 5d Diamond Painting Mosaic Christmas Greeting Cards Santa Claus Christmas Tree For Parents Christmas Gift

Attention:Our Diamond Painting Is Without Frame,And It Is Not Finished,You Need Finish By Yourself.

Feature:Square diamond,Diamond cover the canvas complete,It is 100% diamond embroidery.

Material:100% Full Square/Round Resin Diamonds with 447 DMC Colors

Usage:Home/Hotel/Office Decoration,Unique Gift

About Frame:No Frame,After you complete required for adhesion to the local buy Frame.

Canvas Package:Roll up,Avoid Creases

Package include:full drill,printed cloth,tools.

Remark:the larger size,the better effect.

Definition Picture

Base:Imported oil Canvas with Clear Symbols

High-quality canvas with clear symbol

447 DMC Colors,each square diamond size is 2.5mmx2.5mm

Diamonds are compact and seamless after finished

Production Steps

02. Check the resin diamonds color and the corresponding color code, ensure all the diamonds code are code are complete.complete.

03. Open a small part of the adhesive tape, pay attention to keep dust out.

04. Select a character (symbol), find the corresponding diamonds and put it into the drill plate.

05. Use the tool to pick up the corresponding diamond gently, then put it on the corresponding position of the pattern number

06. Repeat the previous steps, until finished the whole picture.

07. The joint should be oppressed and tidy, have no cracks. You can put a book on the front of the diamond drawing, with hands pressed on the book.

08. Rolling up the product and facing out the front par, packed it with our cylinder package to protect it without scratch.
09.Take the picture to your local frame market,use your favorites frame to frame it.

10. Handing the finished product in the room, and enjoy your masterpiece.

11. If you like our products, welcome to our store again, we have nice discounts for old friends.

How to choose size

About Packing


Size >30x40cm,Color box packing
The special packing box of high grade export,with high resistant to high pressure,high-elastic and high buffer

About Effect

The larger the size, the better the effect!

Each diamond size : 2.5×2.5mm. If the picture is complex, small size will not very good! If you need large size of any pictures, please contact us!

About Us

Our diamond painting are semi-finished, do not include frame. We will provide the diamond embroidery tools for your make. And we will placed 20% more diamonds! Although our products is not the cheapest, but the quality of our goods is the best! When you finish it, you can send pictures of your paintings to us, we will show it to buyers all over the world appreciate!

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Rolled Up
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External Packaging:
Paper Bag
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Full Diamond Resin With Picture
Household Essentials/Decoration
Is Customized:
Need Your Handmade
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