Diy Special Shaped Diamond Painting Bookmark Leather Embroidery Cross Stitch Tassel Bookmarks For Book Kids Christmas Gift

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100% new quality This is a diy diamond painting, not a finished image, you need to complete it yourself. Compared to traditional cross stitch, our kit uses Synthetic diamond inlay technique. It improves efficiency and protects the eyes. Material: leather Diamond Type: Shaped Drill Size: 21X6cm / 7.88X2.17″ Pattern: as shown Diamond paintings are easier and more beautiful than cross stitches. Easy for anyone who doesnt know the knowledge A painting that can satisfy classic paintings. You will enjoy the pleasure of making. Diamond Painting Kit Project Incldes: Painted with canvas, colored rhinestone beads, plastic panels, clay, small plastic bags and accessory storage bins. Note: If this is your first purchase of a diamond inlay or first contact, please read the following instructions: 1. Please do not fold the canvas to avoid creases at the same time. 2. Please do not pull the transparent paper on the picture at once, and then tear it halfway to protect the glue from sticking. 3. Please do not place the diamond in a place that is easily accessible to children to avoid being swallowed by children. 4. When making, put it on a flat table. 5. Some of these diamonds are defective due to processing problems. For the overall effect, choose a diamond. DIY diamond painting production steps: 1. Open the bag and on the sticky tape above, you will see many symbols corresponding to the color code. 2. View the color of the resin diamonds, arranged in coding order. 3. According to the corresponding color marking fixture, the corresponding resin is set with diamonds. 4. It is recommended that a set of resin diamonds be completed faster. 5. The joint needs to be flat, tidy and free of cracks. 6. Once all the pastes have been made, place them in the appropriate frame (the product does not include the frame). The package includes: 1pcs bookmark 1pcs diamond painting tool

Brand Name:
Diamond Type:
Shaped Drill
21X6cm / 7.88X2.17"
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