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About color difference: online shopping color difference can not be avoided, light, angle and other different monitors, color may be different, not a quality problem, if you mind please be careful!

About Air Leakage:Pvc products are of special nature and cannot avoid air leakage rate.. We made it according to 10 thousand and then measured the air leakage rate is 1-5%, but this 1-5 air leakage product will be distributed to which customer is more or less not guaranteed, it is very likely that there is no air leakage you receive, and there may be several.Please read carefullyIf you want to give a bad review or complain about air leakage after purchase, please do not shoot ~Photographed payment means acceptanceHowever, we will also do our best to slowly improve, gradually reduce the air leakage rate, and create a greater profit margin for both parties. We hereby promise that any inflatable products we sell are the first time to inflate and check that there is no problem. Different leather elasticity in different seasons will have a slight impact on the product size. Please refer to the actual product.

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